Tuesday, September 27, 2011


75. volunteering in my son's class
76. my children holding my hand
77. sunflowers
78. shimmer on the lake
79. scent of my freshly bathed child
80. songs that move me to tears
81. scripture
82. poetic words from others that makes me reflect on God
83. friends over for lunch
84. hard working husband
85. soccer

86. surprise gift in the mail
87. a thankful heart

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. My Labor Day weekend started out with a 8.5 hour drive to Chicago with my son throwing up in the toilet once we arrived at our destination.

2. Thankfully my kid is a sport and was willing to drive another 1.5 hours in the morning to meet dear friends at Fair Oaks Farms. Just in case your wondering my son was throw up free throughout the night.

3. I would totally recommend Fair Oak Farms if you live near Chicago or Indianapolis. Favorites of the dairy include watching a live calf being born, the best grilled cheese and ice cream, and doing back flips on the bungee.

4. There is something pretty awesome about reuniting with long time friends. And bitter sweet since you know you won't see them for a while.

5. Here is a picture of our friend's and our kids together at the dairy:

6. The main purpose of the Chicago trip was to take pictures of my beautiful niece.

7. I can't believe my nieces are growing up so fast. I remember this blondie as a three year old standing on a chair singing as loud as she can "Jesus Loves Me." I can't believe she is a senior.

8. While I was in Chicago I also was able to hang out with my maid of honor. Pretty sweet reunions. Overall great weekend.

9. This week is going to be packed. I'm already longing for the weekend.

10. Here is my list of gratitudes:

45. long time true friends
46. reunions
47. healthy kids
48. delicious ice cream from the dairy
49. safe travels
50.75 degree weather
51. dessert with a friend