Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. I am thankful that God shows himself daily and this Thanksgiving He was evident. Beyond grateful.

2. I went to my home town of Tulsa for Thanksgiving. We did our traditional viewing of Rhema's Christmas lights:

3. My sister and I did the Black Friday shopping. My sister cracks me up. She has never been a morning person and every year that we have done this she is the one hyping it up with excitement. She is also the one who overslept and was late picking me up for our shopping adventure. Two times a row, but who's counting :)

4. I actually really love doing the Black Friday shopping with my sister since we shop very similar. We are not browser shoppers. We have a mission. We also like to shop where long lines are not to be seen. I also love that we get tired about the same time and call it quits about 10:30 am.

5. We started our shopping adventure this year at 6:00 a.m. We technically would have started at 5:00, but it's all good. Love you sis!

6. I have already wrapped 10 Christmas presents. Woohoo. Unfortunately, my house is still decorated as if it were Thanksgiving. I am hoping to put up the tree soon.

7. I have rediscovered shrinky dink. I have lots of plans with this shrinking craft; hopefully my daughter will love it too.

8. One of the plans is making ornaments for our
Jesse tree this year. I am hoping the daily scripture readings and ornament hanging will get our family focused on the reason for Christmas.

9. My daughter decided to put her princess cape on our dog this morning since it was slightly snowing. Unfortunately our dog went outside with the cape and then preceded to gnaw a hole in it. Ugh! I guess our dog doesn't like dressing up.

10. I'm not ready for snow. My son is. He wants to go sledding so badly. He had me look up the weather report for this week to determine if we would get any snow. Nothing except for the spit of snow this morning.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Since Thanksgiving is on Thursday, my "Ten on Tuesday" will be things I am thankful for.

1. Thankful for a God who lavishes his love and grace upon me. It is evident daily that He has his gracious grip upon me.

2. Grateful for a husband who works hard for his family, who is a gentle leader and has much wisdom and discernment. He is a loyal man who is dedicated to his family and friends.

3. Thankful for wonderful kids who remind me often to slow down and be present. They bring much joy and laughter into our home.

4. Thankful for a church that cares for its people, that is not ashamed of the gospel.

5. Grateful for friends that can walk this thing called motherhood with me. Thankful for those friends that I can call to vent, to ask for prayer, and/or call to say I had a bad mom moment. I appreciate that they love me just the same.

6. Thankful for daily provisions of a home and food, knowing that half way across the world, families are just struggling to have daily bread or clean water.

7. Thankful for grandparents, aunt, uncles, sisters who love being with my children and love being with me.

8. Grateful for friends who love on my kids and will extend their home to them.

9. Thankful for flexible jobs where I can help and encourage families (Parents As Teachers) and where I can tap into my creative side (photography).

10. Thankful for the small community that I live. What wonderful people willing to help out others in times of need.

I can't have a post without picture.
Here is my toothless son.
His top right chipped tooth is currently dangling and crooked ready to come out.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Miracle Baby

I love stories of miracles.
This baby is a fighter.
She was not expected to live.
In fact the doctors stated that if she did live she would struggle to survive.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ten on Tuesday a day late

1. This post is in honor of my sister who e-mailed me saying she specifically checked my blog yesterday (Tuesday) and was disappointed when I hadn't written my "Ten on Tuesday" post.

2. She is the same sister who has called after reading a "Ten on Tuesday" post and snickered. She commented how it appears that it is painstaking hard for me to come up with ten comments about my week.

3. Quite true. Maybe I should do Two on Tuesday.

4. Last week I got bit by a dog. I was in absolute shock and the sweet owner was horrified. It actually broke the skin a little. I went to my doc. He gave the all clear, but I went ahead and got a tetanus shot anyway. And a flu shot.

5. Unfortunately, I have been around lots of dogs since. I'm a little nervous now. Go figure.

6. My daughter loves crafts. I'm trying to come up with more ideas for crafts. I remembered Family Fun has some great ideas, so today we made these:

7. I posted this on my FB status, but I will comment here as well. My sister, the one mentioned above, told me about this great
website to help with spelling words. It's called spellingcity.com
All you do is type in the spelling list for the week, and it provides numerous games to help your child learn his/her spelling words.

8. My girl is wanting an American girl doll for her birthday. Is 5 years old to young?

9. I ventured out to my favorite Christmas card site to take pictures of my own children.
Thankfully no blood, tears, police sirens, or a certain someone needing to use the bathroom occurred during this photo shoot.

10. While on this photo shoot, my son had to find his own location for the perfect picture. He chose a tree. He then preceded to make a funny face. Here's proof:

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Christmas location

I love this location for Christmas cards.
It's just perfect.
Except for one thing...

It seems the last few times I've been here, the photo shoots have turned sour.
My favorite was last years saga.

This year I thought everything was going to go well. Weather was suppose to be nice, adorable little girls, perfect location.


Upon arrival, clouds rolled over and the wind gusts became fierce.
I should of known from there to beware.
Turns out my props broke.
The littlest girl fell on a sharp plant and cut her hand.
And then the finale, the littlest girl fell out of the wagon.
Thankfully the mom was awesome and I got some sweet pictures.
Here's a little preview:

I have some fun Christmas card possibilities in the works. I don't want to spoil too much.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Monsterly cute

I love taking pictures of little kids.
It's my all time favorite.
I could not wait to download these 18 month old toddler's pictures.
I knew I had some gems.
He was just Monsterly cute!


I had so much fun taking pictures of this extended family crew.
Take a look...

Cousins, there is something special about cousins.

Can you guess how this picture came about? I'll give you a guess.
a. The cute boy in the red told a funny joke.
b. The kids were laughing at my dancing skills.
c. Gum had fallen out of somebodies mouth.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Growing Family

I had the privilege of taking pictures of a growing family.
Here's the proud father and his daughters.

Growing family it is. Truly blessed.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Christmas Cards

Interested in Christmas cards?
Here's a preview of what a custom card could look like:










Or if you are interested in getting a low resolution digital image to create your own
Christmas card, I'm having a sale in November and December.

Low resolution digital image $15.00

I will be taking orders for Christmas cards until December 5.
Merry early Christmas!