Monday, August 31, 2009


For those of you who need a little pep to start out your week.

Friday, August 28, 2009

More and more sunflowers!

After editing my sunflower mini-shoots,
I have concluded that all the families have been extremely photogenic.
This family is no exception
and I might add GORGEOUS!

I asked the mom what poses (individual, family, sisters etc.) she wanted. She stated just the family. "I have lots of the girls, but little of the family." So true! Well at least in my home.

Okay, I just have to say isn't the girl with the curls and the dimple, irresistible!
This Dad is going to be in trouble when his daughters get older. They are beautiful!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sunflower cuties

Cute, cute, cute, so stinkin cute!
That is what this family is.

They are such an easy going, laid-back family.
As demonstrated by the oldest boy in the next pic.

It was a pleasure taking your family's pictures.
Blessing to you - Jen

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Randomness in a field of sunflowers

What does a sunflower field + camera crew+ Dr Oz semi-truck+ bystanders =
"J" family and myself getting filmed for a Dr. Oz commercial.
Who knew?
While I was pulling up to the fields,
I noticed a camera crew and a "Dr Oz" semi-truck.
The camera crew asked if we would not mind participating in the commercial.
We obliged and on Sept 14? we will be on the Dr. Oz show.
My first TV debut! Woo hoo!
If you decide to watch, we're the ones waving at the semi-truck.
Anyway, so here are some shots after the Dr. Oz film.

Does this family look familiar? They are one of my favorite repeat customers.
They are a wonderful family; I felt like I had an instant connection the first time I met them.
"K" - I have so many more to show you.
Your oldest has a series of pictures that I absolutely love.
Thanks so much! I enjoyed the little bit of randomness that occurred in our photo shoot! - jen

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A little sunshine

Sunflower fields bring joy to my soul.
Its splendor and beauty is breathtaking.
I was so excited when this family
asked if I could take their pictures.
You see....
last fall this sweet young girl had a life-threatened illness.
She almost died.

She's God's little miracle.

My heart has grieved and rejoiced with them from a distance.
And I have so wanted to give a little joy to this family.

I hope that these portraits will give them a sense of joy and

thankfulness for what God has blessed them with.

Thanks so much for letting me take your family's portraits.

It was an absolute honor.

Your little "H" is such a joy and so much fun. What a blessing to have two beautiful girls. - Jen

Friday, August 21, 2009


Many of my customers have asked about the different types of mountings I use.
So here is a preview:
Large sized prints are mounted on foam core.
The foam core is 3/16", is easy to frame
and will not warp or bend over time.
You could easily place it on a shelf and be confident that it will withstand time.

Canvas Gallery Wraps
are printed on premier art canvas substrate
and wrapped around a 1.5" wooden stretcher frame.
Gallery Wraps come ready to hang.

Both are wonderful ways to showcase your loved ones.
And as a customer just recently said,
"I'm not hanging a Olan Mills portrait on my wall I hanging art."

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Have Your Way

This is my new favorite song:

Feels like i`ve been here forever,
Why can`t you just intervene?
Do you see the tears keep falling?
And i`m falling apart at the seems.
But you never said the road would be easy,
But you said that you would never leave.
And you never promised that this life wasn`t hard,
But you promised you`d take care of me.

So i`ll stop searching for the answers,
I`ll stop praying for an escape,
And i`ll trust you, God, with where i am,
And believe that you will have your way.
Just have your way.
Just have your way.

When my friends and my family have left me,
And i feel so ashamed and so cold.
Remind me that you take broken things
And turn them into beautiful.

So i`ll stop searching for the answers,
I`ll stop praying for an escape,
And i`ll trust you, God, with where i am,
And believe that you`ll have your way.
Just have your way.
Just have your way.

Even if my dreams have died,
And even if i don`t survive,
I`ll still worship you with all my life.
My life.

And i`ll stop searching for the answers,
I`ll stop praying for an escape,
And i`ll trust you, God, with where i am,
And believe that you will have your way.
Just have your way.
Just have your way.

I know you will.
I won`t forget.
You love me.
Have your way.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First Day of School

My son started his first day of 1st grade today.
It went a lot easier than last year.
First off my son has his fabulous teacher from last year.
She moved up a grade, and I am so happy!
Second, he is in the same classroom.
Familiarity is a wonderful thing for my son.
Third, mommy's anxiety (that's me) was lessoned.
Plus it didn't help that I attended the stalker mom brunch.
Numerous moms ate yummy pasteries as we watched recess from across the street.

My heart is always torn, and I think it will always be.
Letting go is hard.
I'm not looking forward to when this cute little guy goes to college.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The winner

The winner of the $50
gift certificate to
jen klamm photography
drum roll..
Oh the

Congrats Katharine,
I'll be sending the
certificate in the mail.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Oh to be back

One of our favorite
things we did in Colorado
was going on the tram up the mountain
to feed the super friendly and fat chipmunks.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sunflower mini photoshoots

Back by popular demand:
Sunflower mini photoshoots:
Days and Times: TBA
30 minute photosession $40.00
Includes one 8 x 10

I have already had a few requests.
Space will be limited.
Sunflowers should start to bloom in the next week or two.

Evening and morning sessions will be available.

And those interested in using the pictures for Christmas cards.
Here is a card I made a few years ago, nicely hand crafted.
I'm too busy to do that again :)
Interested? e-mail me at
Guess what?
This is my 100 post!
To celebrate I am going to give a $50 photography gift certificate
to a randomly selected individual who makes a comment.
Hopefully this will get those lurkers out of hiding :)
Winner will be announced next Monday - the last official day of summer for us.
(Gift certificate can be applied to past and future clients.)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

nutritional ramblings

Berries, Oh how I love berries.
I could eat them everyday....if I could.
Raspberries are my favorite with blueberries close behind.
Blackberries are yummy, too.
We have a blackberry bush that has produced...
I don't know maybe 50-75 quarts by the time its through.
So of course I have to make desserts with them like
this one.

I have no will power when it comes to berry desserts.
So I had this for a midmorning snack.
After I ran of course so I would not pack the pounds back on.
But I can't feel too bad, since blackberries are good for you.
Speaking of things that are good for you.
Look at what I discover while taking my kids to a new pediatric dentist.
This gum supposedly prevents cavities.
The hygentist stated that the xylitol in the gum is a natural sweetener found in trees
and it helps kill the bacteria that causes cavities.
She also stated that it also kills the bacteria that causes ear infections.
Sign me up!
I asked where can I get some, and my family
has been chewing the gum ever since.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sweet Family

Meet the "C" family.
I've been friends with Mrs. "C" for a few years now.
She has such a servant heart and is always giving of her time.

Usually, I am extremely watchful of what is going on behind my camera.
And many times I will stop and giggle at the faces the kiddos will make.
However, when I downloaded the photos, I was pleasantly surprised by this next pic.
I had been paying attention to the kids that I was unaware of what the parents were doing.

aahhhh, so sweet!

So sweet, kids feet. I love it.

Thanks for your friendship.

I enjoyed my evening with you making your children laugh. - Jen