Monday, August 25, 2008


Yeah! The sunflowers are here! My yearly family photo tradition has arrived. Do you want to be a part of it. I am offering:

Sunflower mini sessions
30 minute session
$25.00 session fee
includes 1 5 x 7
5-10 images on a slideshow
If you are in the Lawrence, KS/Kansas City area and interested
e-mail me at

Saturday, August 23, 2008


This cute little guy is having his birthday soon, and his mom asked me to take his 3 year old pictures. It was my absolute pleasure! He made my job sooo easy. He is so personable at such a young age. I'm sure in high school, he will be voted "Mr. Popular."

I can't resist feet shots.

Isn't he so cute!
Thanks, I enjoyed our morning together. - Jen

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Developmental Milestones

Everyone accomplishes hundreds of developmental milestones throughout their lives. Some are easier than others; some can be painful. For example, a baby learning to walk will have a few bumps and bruises on her head before she has accomplished her feat.

This week my son has gone through 2 developmental milestones, riding a bike without training wheels and going to kindergarten. One definitely proved to be harder than the other.

Here is my son showing off his riding skills 30 minutes before we had to leave for the first day of school. Priorities, my son has his priorities :)

This is my son right after school riding his bike. Do you notice the band aid on his knee. Yup, he fell down right before school. Ugh! Fortunately, the love of riding his bike proved to be a motivating factor for getting back on his bike despite the fall.

Do you remember me saying that one milestone was harder than the other? Well reality hit my little man; no more riding his bike. It was time for school. This is what my son looked like...

Anxiety written all over his face! Unfortunately, he has inherited my intensely shy/anxiety proned personality. The unknown can be a little scary. I won't go over the mundane details of the morning. But I will say that we made it, and this was his face upon leaving the school.

As for me, I am stepping into a new milestone. One of trusting God for the safety of my child. Believing that He has His gracious grip on me and my family. You can keep me in your prayers since I am only on step one of a tall staircase. Blessings - Jen

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pictures don't lie

Here is a portrait of my niece. I'll call her "E." Doesn't she look sweet?

It always amazes me how the camera can capture the true essence of a person.
For example remember this pose from an earlier post...

This is "E''s interpretation of striking a pose...

"E" has so much spunk and personality. She is always making me laugh! Here she is again proving to me that she actually does like being in front of the camera.

She timed this shot just right.
I was taking a casual photo of the cousins when,
out from nowhere "E" appears. I usually delete pictures like this,
but this photo still makes me laugh!
Pictures don't lie. "E" is sweet, but she also is
full of spunk and personality!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Not a trend setter

Confession- I am not a trend setter. It usually takes me a year to finally agree to wear something that is the latest trend. I just have to warm up to the idea. Biggest example, and I am aging myself, is when boot cut jeans came in. I was resistant to wear them because they looked too close to bell bottom jeans. Ugh! A year later I embraced them so that I would not look out of place, and now I am hoping the straight leg jeans never return in full force. :)

Anyway, the latest trend in photographs is texture. I have been debating whether I like textured pictures for almost a year now. (See the similarities) I recently have seen some great pictures that have been texturized and now I am wondering should I do it as well.

Here is a picture of my sweet niece in black and white...

Here she is with some texture..

What do you think? Let's try another. Here's a picture in sepia tone.

And the same picture with texture.

Or should I just go back to my standard?

Inquiring minds want to know. I want feedback. Go ahead make a comment. I know you want to. -Jen

Friday, August 8, 2008

Strike a pose

This girl can strike a pose!

Isn't she a natural beauty.

She may have a modeling contract in a few years.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Favorite thing

When asked what their favorite thing they did on the Colorado trip,

my son replied, "Everything."

daughter, "The pony ride."

son, "Oh, definitely the pony ride."

We have had quite a few opportunities the past years for my son to ride a pony. My son has always been hesitant and declined the offer. Its amazing what a younger, adventurous sister can do to boost my son's confidence to try new things.

I'm positive if it were not for my son's need to be better than his sister he would not have excelled so fast in swimming lessons. He went from being scared to put his nose in the water to cannon ball jumps off the side of the pool and touching the bottom of the water within a weeks time.
God knew my son needed his sister. She is the perfect compliment to our family.

Monday, August 4, 2008

With or without

This past week I have been on vacation and have been without make-up, computer access, television and air conditioning. It has been heavenly. Instead ...
1. I was with a beautiful mountain view outside our rustic log cabin.
2. I was with daily adventures such as white water rafting, pony rides for my little ones and hikes into the mountains.
3. I was with mountain animals such as chipmunks, deer and elk that we were able to see sitting on our deck.
4. I was with family that I truly cherish.
What a peaceful, fun vacation! Here is my little mountain climber, climbing on rocks in the backyard of our cabin rental.

Now it's back to reality.... Old routines are hard to break. I wore make-up yesterday to church. My kids have requested their "shows." And I am now on the computer (wink).
Blessings to you - Jen