Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I've been having fun making valentines for my daughter.  Here's a sneak peek:

2.  Glitter, lots of glitter, inside the house.  Yeah, I'm still cleaning that up.  But it is going to be worth it.

3.  Unfortunately, my son is against making a personalized photo valentine.  I did it last year.  He wasn't too happy about it. 
   It was very cute.  But I get it.  We are going to do a Pinterest super hero valentine remake for his valentines this year. 

4.  Pinterest is addictive. 

5.  In case you are wondering this was my daughter's valentines last year. 

6.  I volunteered at my kids' school today.  It is amazing the different strengths and abilities there are in a class.

7.  Have you ever had lunch with a whole group of kindergartners.   It's a scream.  Between boys saying that they were girl trapped and some singing "who let the dog out,"  I was quite entertained. 

8.  I've been motivated to continue curling my hair.  When someone states that I look 10 years younger, that is motivation!

9.  This has been the BEST Kansas winter EVER!  No seasonal effective disorder coming my way soon.  I'm loving it.  Plus with weekly trips to the indoor pool, I'm pretending it is summer.

10.  I just took pictures of the cutest little 1 month old.  I can't wait to down load the pics.    


Jen said...

I literally LOL'd after reading the last line in your #2!